[hibernate-dev] [HSEARCH] Hibernate search core module proposal

Sanne Grinovero sanne at hibernate.org
Mon May 23 11:00:31 EDT 2011

> Hi Davide,
>> today I've downloaded the hibernate-search sources and my eclipse has
>> a problem importing the maven projects because the parent folder has
>> the same name as one of the sub-folders:
> what was the problem? I personally never had any problems importing the
> Hibernate Search
> project. Admittedly I am using Idea, but I know Sanne is using Eclipse and
> he never mentioned
> any problems.
>> I was a bit surprised because others Hibernate and JBoss projects I
>> saw so far seem to use the "-core" suffix for the main module.
>> Shouldn't hibernate-search follow the same convention?
> So you suggest hibernate-search-core as module and artifact name? I guess
> that's a fair
> request. I think the reason for the main module being called
> "hibernate-search" is that
> for a long time we only had one single relevant module (the testing ones
> don't count imo).
> With hibernate-search-analyzers and especially hibernate-search-infinispan
> around it might
> be at the time to change the module name.
> The only drawback is that people are by now used for the main artifact
> being called hibernate-search.
> Switching to hibernate-search-core will create even more confusion in the
> maven repositories.
> Not sure what the others think. The importing of the current project
> though should not be
> affected either way.

yes importing the project in eclipse has this slight flaw currently. I
never bothered that much, as it seems more an eclipse flaw and I don't
import it again every day.
But indeed Davide makes a point in that it seems common across many
JBoss projects to have a "project-name-core" named main module.
Infinispan names it just "core".

It would be fine for me to rename it, assuming it doesn't create a
mess when backporting patches?


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