[hibernate-dev] published groupIds

Hardy Ferentschik hardy at hibernate.org
Wed May 25 07:38:31 EDT 2011

>> As we discussed in a meeting I think 2 weeks ago, I went ahead and spoke
>> with Paul about renaming the groupIds we use for publishing.  He said he
>> thought it was fine.  He did not foresee any issue with doing that.
> What will the renames be ?
> Just wondering if I should do the same rename for hibernate tools maven  
> artifacts.

An additional level in the group id. Right now all projects use  
as groupId. Given that most projects are our-days multi module we end up
with quite a few directories in the repository :


In particular there is no real grouping per project.
The idea is that we add an additional level to the group is, like so:

- org.hibernate.core
- org.hibernate.validator
- org.hibernate.search
- org.hibernate.tool

So far we only have been discussing core, but I guess if we go down this  
path it
would make sense to apply this to the other projects as well.

The issue imo is that we cannot rename/change the existing artifacts. So  
even if the
new group id creates a better namespace between projects it will still  
increase the
confusion when looking at  


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