[hibernate-dev] HSEARCH Preparations for 4.0.0 Final

Emmanuel Bernard emmanuel at hibernate.org
Fri Nov 4 06:40:15 EDT 2011

## Timeline and work to do

Hibernate Core goes final next week if things go as planned. So it's time for us to gear towards a CR2 and release it right after Core goes final. I have done some JIRA cleanup and everything I think is important is tagged as fix version 4.0.0.CR2. Please have a look, pick up issues and fix them.
Also have a look at issues marked as 4.0.0.Final which I don't think any is critical or realistic to put in this release. See my rant about managing JIRA below on the subject. Once you have looked at them I will nuke their fix version field into oblivion.

4.0 will target Infinispan 5.0. A week or two from CR, we will go final.

4.1 will be a short cycle targeted for mid december (the final version). The idea is to align with Infinispan 5.1 and add whatever useful feature or fix we think is important.

## Managing JIRA

JIRA is not exactly a list to Santa Claus. Let me rephrase, JIRA is not a list to Santa Claus. You can't put a version number to a JIRA issue and hope things will magically be fixed in this version. The rule of thumb is simple:

1. If you think you will do it, set the version number 
2. If you know someone that will likely do it, put a version number
3. if it's vitally important that this be fixed in the next version, see rule #1

Otherwise don't put a version number without asking the project lead

The rule is a bit different for the project lead as he has to draw the big picture of what a release will contain and assigning a number is the easiest solution. A corollary is that moving a problem from version n to version n+1 is useless.

Today we ended up with 60 issues that ought to be resolved in less than a week. That obviously is beyond our capacity.

Of course these rules are not hard enforced but we definitively need to shift back into a more conservative version assignment management.

By the way, I don't know if you have followed AS 7's team rant on JIRA and actionable items. While I'm not 100% inlined with their rule, I am sympathetic to the idea of a managed flow of JIRA issues. I'm not sure how this can be applied to (or at least get closer with) search, validator and ogm but I'm open to ideas.

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