[hibernate-dev] HHH-2403 - import.sql improvement

Steve Ebersole steve at hibernate.org
Mon Nov 7 12:58:15 EST 2011

On Mon 07 Nov 2011 10:32:33 AM CST, Łukasz Antoniak wrote:
> The whole idea of supporting multiline statements is that users would
> like to execute the scripts they already have (and for example execute
> in SQL*Plus for production) without applying extra modifications. The
> "continuation" symbol/operator would be useless for them.

Yes I get the idea behind import.sql :)

My point is less about allowing multi-line support and more about the 

> I think that introducing an interface like ImportSqlCommandExtracter,
> and providing two implementations (single line - the default for
> compatibility; and multiline - new) that can be switched by setting
> appropriate configuration parameter, would be a good idea. Do you
> agree?

Yes, that is why I suggested it :)

> I hope I didn't make you very angry with my suggestion. Just wanted to
> help/contribute and move forward the issue that six people voted for
> and exists unresolved since version 3.2. Max agreed that forcing ';'
> ending can be done in 3.3 version ("if we break every existing
> hibernate 3.2.x users existing import.sql it is not something we can
> put in. Then it would wait for 3.3.x." - JIRA HHH-2403). I will keep
> in mind that backwards compatibility is the priority.

Not angry at all.  Not sure where you got that anyway tbh.  If 
backwards compatibility can be easily maintained then I just do not see 
the reason to not.  Whether we *could* break back-compat based on our 
versioning schemes is a secondary question to my mind.  *Should* is far 
more important primary consideration.  I just dont see this as a time 
that we have to break compatibility.

steve at hibernate.org

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