[hibernate-dev] postponing Hibernate Search 4.0.0.CR2 release?

Sanne Grinovero sanne at hibernate.org
Thu Nov 10 19:49:49 EST 2011

I'm wondering if the Hibernate Search is still going to happen tomorrow, as:

- Hibernate Core 4 wasn't released as final.

- My pull requests are lingering, and I might need to make some
adaptations according to feedback; I don't think I will, but some
patches resulted more complex than expected.

- Emmanuel mentioned he won't be online (?!)

- I have to check in on a ferry boat to Holland at 16h, likely no
connectivity until next morning

- Java 7 issues ?!

Overall state doesn't look bad, but if we had four more days I could
solve the latest minor bugs and would consider including Davide and
Zach's patch.. I've aborted that currently as it feels too rushed if
it's for tomorrow.
Also I wouldn't mind taking some hours to look at why some tests fail on Java 7.

Fixes that I'd want to include if we move the date:

HSEARCH-798 Make use of categories instead of fqcn for logging
HSEARCH-937 Search fails when loading associated entity with different ID type
HSEARCH-703 QueryBuilder should support specialization by superclasses
of indexed entities

All other tasks scheduled for CR2 sound like we can fix them for
tomorrow morning.


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