[hibernate-dev] HHH-1123 - Cannot put more than 1000 elements in a InExpression

Łukasz Antoniak lukasz.antoniak at gmail.com
Tue Nov 29 15:29:53 EST 2011

Hi all!

Recently I had a closer look at HHH-1123 issue. This bug affects both - 
Criteria API and HQL. I have introduced 
Dialect#maximumInExpressionElements() method which returns maximum 
number of allowed elements in a single SQL IN clause, or null treated as 
infinite. The change of InExpression was very easy. However, fixing this 
bug for HQL queries requires modification of ParameterMetadata 
(namedDescriptorMap cannot remain unmodifiable), as well as 
AbstractQueryImpl (queryString). As I don't see any other solution, I 
wanted to ask you guys for suggestions. Is it the only possible way of 
fixing this issue? Finally, shall we really fix this? This is a DB 
vendor limitation, but 40 user gave their vote for it.

Lukasz Antoniak

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