[hibernate-dev] [hsearch] documentation

Hardy Ferentschik hardy at hibernate.org
Tue Oct 11 10:59:46 EDT 2011

>> Didn't we have the discussion once before? We do it this way, because  
>> its
>> what we do in Core? But I think even there we have some  
>> org.hibernate.xyz
>> and some hibernate.xyz
>> I have no strong opinion on transparently allowing the 'org' prefix.
> Ok, just wondering as this is definitely not the most urgent change;
> I'll open an issue, seems a good starting point for a new contributor.


>> I know. I mentioned it to Emmanuel today. It would have been better to
>> address
>> this issue for the 4.0 release, but given the time constraints we  
>> skipped
>> it.
> WDYM ? 4.0 was not released yet, if we see a change which should be
> done, we should be able to make them now.

If we would have a concrete plan. Do you already have concrete ideas for a  
Even though I find the current state confusing as well, I am unsure about
a better solution.


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