[hibernate-dev] HHH-6735 Performance improvements in flush loop and more

Emmanuel Bernard emmanuel at hibernate.org
Mon Oct 17 11:43:39 EDT 2011

Sanne and I identified a few hot spots in Hibernate Core 4 especially when used with Hibernate OGM (which does use lighter weight datastores so to speak). The most significant one in term of code fix is HHH-6735 which now caches and guard FieldInterceptorHelper methods per class when a SessionFactory is known. This proves to be a significant performance boost for us. On simple CRUD operations (inserts I believe), we are about 50% faster. I believe this improvement will show up in regular Core users especially ones with big persistence context to flush. 

Of course such a code change comes late in the 4.0 development cycle but I think it's worth it. Keep an eye on forums and JIRA for people complaining about bytecode enhanced classes not behaving as expected.

I've committed the change in master.


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