[hibernate-dev] All the tests in hibernate-ogm pass with Voldemort but PerfTest didn't even run

skawashima at uchicago.edu skawashima at uchicago.edu
Fri Feb 3 11:52:58 EST 2012


I'm not sure if there is already an implementation for Voldemort and also not sure if anyone even wants to use Voldemort with hibernate ogm but that's where I started experimenting hibernate ogm and now my implementation passes all the supplied test cases except one test class called PerfTest. It's located in the package named "org.hibernate.ogm.test.perf". 

Every time I try to run it changing VM arguments, I get OutOfMemory exception and also an exception saying "ARJUNA: some error message". As the result, the commit fails. Has anyone succeeded to run the test cases in the class ? If so, what would you set the VM options ?

Thank you

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