[hibernate-dev] HHH-7018 and one more change to how we serialize EntityManagerFactory instances...

Steve Ebersole steve at hibernate.org
Tue Feb 7 09:08:33 EST 2012

How is actually, physically serializing a EMF *instance* to another VM 
a valid use case?  Notice that the case of writing the UUID/name to the 
serial stream is explicitly different that this.  That approach is just 
tokenizing the way to resolve the proper reference to the EMF on deser 
using that UUID/name.

So what is the actual valid use case for "duplicate 
EntityManagerFactory [creation]" on ser/deser?  To me, on deser you 
resolve the name reference if possible; if not, you resolve the UUID 
reference; otherwise, you throw an error.  This is exactly what we do 
with SessionFactory btw in terms of ser/deser.  Why is that not the 
process here?

On Mon 06 Feb 2012 10:32:01 PM CST, Scott Marlow wrote:
> Feedback is welcome on a proposed change for HHH-7018
> https://github.com/scottmarlow/hibernate-orm/commit/007e7f17eed10c6c1db55a7d9c90b7126c5a5ae2
> When we serialize the EntityManagerFactory in 4.0.0, there can be
> nonserializeable objects in the EMF configuration properties (e.g.
> JTA_PLATFORM, datasource, other stuff).  In most cases, we will have a
> session factory name (preferred) or persistence unit name to uniquely
> identify the EntityManagerFactory.  In 4.0.1, during serialization, we
> only serialize the (hopefully) unique name.
> If a duplicate EntityManagerFactory is created (by name), no immediate
> error is given, instead we only give an error later when deserializing
> the EMF. The HibernateException thrown during deserialization will look
> like:
>      "registry contains more than one (" +
>       entityManagerFactorySet.size()+ ") entity manager factories: "
>       + name
> If that causes issues for any application, the SESSION_FACTORY_NAME can
> be passed in from the troubled application (possibly with
> SESSION_FACTORY_NAME_IS_JNDI set to false but true is also fine).
> For the 4.1 release, I would like to take this one step further.  The
> above changes, only were made for EntityManager serialization of the EM
> to EMF reference.  The next step is to apply the same change to the EMF
> readObject/writeObject, such that we also allow the EMF to be serialized
> when it contains nonserializable objects.  This also simplifies the EM
> serialization, as it can just use default serialization for the EMF.
> The proposed commit (to be fixed in 4.1) is at
> https://github.com/scottmarlow/hibernate-orm/commit/007e7f17eed10c6c1db55a7d9c90b7126c5a5ae2.
> Feedback on the change is welcome (we are building 4.1 final middle of
> this week).
> Scott
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