[hibernate-dev] Indexing IDs of IndexedEmbedded components

Sanne Grinovero sanne at hibernate.org
Thu Feb 16 06:54:07 EST 2012

This is related to HSEARCH-1049: it seems that the new includePaths
feature is not accepting paths including the id of embedded objects,
as in:

public Address getAddress() { return address; }

As the "id" is a special field.

On the other hand, I remember people on forums [1] asking how to
*avoid* having to include the ids of embedded objects stored in the
index; I agree that often that's not needed, in fact I wasn't even
expecting it.

This seems to have been introduced by HSEARCH-108 - but it's not
possible to "turn it off".

What about having

@DocumentId( name = "id", includeEmbedded = true )
@ProvidedId( name = "id", includeEmbedded = true )

This would default to _true_ (also when no @DocumentId/Provided is
explicitly defined).

Getting back to the issue about
@IndexedEmbedded(includePaths={"city.id"}), the validation should be
accepted only when it's included in it's embedded form.

[1] - sorry can't find the references - in addition to other users
this affected myself as well in the past.

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