[hibernate-dev] subselect mappings

Emmanuel Bernard emmanuel at hibernate.org
Mon Feb 20 13:57:36 EST 2012

I find the second reason important. In some organizations, the idea of developers owning a schema especially on legacy database is harder than climbing the Himalaya bare foot.
Having access to the subselect views helps.

I also like it for completeness since we can override insert / update / delete statements.

On 20 févr. 2012, at 18:52, Steve Ebersole wrote:

> subselects are a feature that was originally put in place to support 
> databases without view support and/or application developers which did 
> not have access to create views on their target database.
> I am contemplating whether we want to continue to support this.
> At this time I all real databases out there support views.  Anyone know 
> of any that do not?
> I am not inclined to leave the feature in place just for the second 
> reason.  They could always define the view in a schema in which they do 
> have access to create views.
> Thoughts?
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