[hibernate-dev] Deploying Hibernate OGM on AS 7.1 [OGM-117]

Sanne Grinovero sanne at hibernate.org
Wed Feb 29 12:07:51 EST 2012

Hi Scott,
last week I've been talking to you on IRC about Hibernate OGM on AS
7.1 deployment issues.
That day I have been trying some module configurations, but have since
had no time to look at it further.

Do you think you could help with it?
As I described on the issue, I have a fully-failing test which I
pushed to my github fork as branch OGM-117; it requires one manual
step which is to define the module in the AS instance.
[BTW is there a way to have Arquillian deploy a test-defined module

I've included the module.xml ; I started with the one suggested by
yourself and then made several other attempts so it's now a bit

Current version seems to deploy fine (so it correctly registers the
OGM extensions to Core) but then it doesn't know about the entities,
they are all considered unmapped.
Suggestions welcome!


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