[hibernate-dev] Are you support specification?

Emmanuel Bernard emmanuel at hibernate.org
Thu May 3 08:38:39 EDT 2012

It's expected that people that exclude use


and people that do not want to exclude simply don't add this element.

It's possible that our parsing does not account for people that use the explicit form to not exclude. Open a JIRA issue please.

On 3 mai 2012, at 14:12, Dmitry Geraskov wrote:

> Hi, guys,
> I noticed that hibernate excludes unlisted classes even if 
> *<exclude-unlisted-classes>* is set to *false*.
> Here is the text from persistence-2_0-final-spec.pdf:
> / mapping-file, jar-file, class, exclude-unlisted-classes
> The following classes must be implicitly or explicitly denoted as 
> managed persistence classes to be
> included within a persistence unit: entity classes; embeddable classes; 
> mapped superclasses.
> The set of managed persistence classes that are managed by a persistence 
> unit is defined by using one or
> more of the following:
> [81]
> . Annotated managed persistence classes contained in the root of the 
> persistence unit (*unless the
> exclude-unlisted-classes element is specified*) /
> ....
> / Annotated Classes in the Root of the Persistence Unit
> All classes contained in the root of the persistence unit are searched 
> for annotated managed persistence
> classes---classes with the
> Entity,
> Embeddable, or
> MappedSuperclass annotation---and any
> mapping metadata annotations found on these classes will be processed, 
> or they will be mapped using
> the mapping annotation defaults. If it is not intended that the 
> annotated persistence classes contained in
> the root of the persistence unit be included in the persistence unit, the
> *exclude-unlisted-classes element must be specified as **true*. The
> exclude-unlisted-classes element is not intended for use in Java SE 
> environments./
> Does this mean you don't support specification in this place?
> Here is a link to our jira issue https://issues.jboss.org/browse/JBIDE-11773
> Dmitry
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