[hibernate-dev] [HSEARCH] Proposal to change the default value of Field#norms()

Hardy Ferentschik hardy at hibernate.org
Tue May 8 08:21:45 EDT 2012

> Proposal for next versions: allow @Stereotype - like user annotations?
> We would let the user define custom annotations to stack/combine
> multiple framework annotations, possibly centralizing what the
> "default" is for your app and reduce the amount of code people have to
> pile on each getter.
> I think it's reasonable to think that many user types are reused
> multiple times in a real world application having many entities, and
> likely want them to be indexed all in the same way.

That's definitely a different story and worth exploring. 

> As an added benefit this would resolve the concerns raised by some
> users about having their domain model need to "depend" on our
> annotations at compile time.

If it were just or this benefit I would give the feature a -1 :-) 
I never understood what this dependency problem is supposed to be.


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