[hibernate-dev] [HSEARCH] Proposal to change the default value of Field#norms()

Andrej Golovnin golovnin at gmx.net
Wed May 9 16:04:04 EDT 2012

Hi Emmanuel,

> Can you open a JIRA issue to clarify this in http://docs.jboss.org/hibernate/search/4.1/reference/en-US/html_single/#basic-mapping ?
> Even better, can you propose the change as a GitHub pull request? :)

Sure. :-)

>> @Field(boost=@Boost(1.2f), norms = Norms.NO)
>> private String description;
>> Would I see a warning or maybe an error message from Hibernate Search?
>> Does make such combination sense?
> I don't think we raise an exception, we should do something indeed. Do you want to open the JIRA and possibly provide a patch via a GitHub pull request?

OK, I will do that. But creating patch will take some time.

>> Btw Is it possible that OIDs added to index by IndexedEmbedded have
>> norms? Luke shows me it in two different indexes. Could someone
>> else please verify it? If it is the case, it would be nice if Hibernate Search
>> would have the same behavior for OIDs added to index either
>> by DocumentId or by IndexedEmbedded, e.g. index them with
> I am not following you. What's an OID.

Suppose you have following classes:

public PostalAddress {

    private String OID;

public Partner {

    private String OID;

    @IndexEmbedded(depth = 1)
    private PostalAddress defaultAddress;

The Lucene document for Partner would contain the field
OID from Partner indexed with NOT_ANALYZED_NO_NORMS
and it will contain also the field "defaultAddress.OID". But the
field "defaultAddress.OID" would have norms. This is what I see
at least with Luke in my indexes. I think the field "defaultAddress.OID"
should be also indexed with NOT_ANALYZED_NO_NORMS.

Best regards
Andrej Golovnin

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