[hibernate-dev] Hibernate 4.x, JTA(BMT) transactions no longer interchangeable with Hibernate transaction facade?

Zachary Kurey zackurey at gmail.com
Wed May 9 16:31:46 EDT 2012

Following up with a clarification.  After looking at this again it
doesn't look like the Session path has this problem.  Instead the
EntityManager path of:
1.  start a JTA transaction programmatically
2.  check there is a current session
associated(SessionFactory.getCurrentSession()).  I only mention this
since the session I get with currentSession is not the same session
the produced entitymanager uses.
3.  call entityManagerFactory.createEntityManager()
4.  try to execute some JPA
query(entityManager.createQuery().executeUpdate()), and I get a
TransactionRequired Exception.

Specifically I'm looking at the EntityManager path of:

Which again the local status is not active.  When debugging I can also
see the underlying session is not the same session that I got from
currentSession().  Also before local status is checked I see the path
of SessionImpl->checkTransactionStatus->Coordinator.pulse()->attemptToRegisterJtaSync
is executed.  But transactionContext.autoJoinTransaction is false, so
the user transaction is never looked up.

It seems off to me that the entityManager produced after I started the
transaction is using a different underlying Session.  Is that correct
or not correct?

Again something seems broken or incredibly non-obvious here,
especially since this worked in 3.x.  Would love some feedback, but
until then I'm going to start boiling this into a testcase so its
really clear what my expectations are.


On Wed, May 9, 2012 at 10:47 AM, Zachary Kurey <zackurey at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> Am I correct in my interpretation that Hibernate 4 no longer supports
> interchangeably being able to use either the Hibernate transaction
> facade(session.beginTransaction) vs. UserTransaction or CMT?
> I say this because it appears that I always must call
> session.beginTransaction() when configured to use
> JTATransactionFactory, in order to have JtaTransaction->local status
> of active.  If local status is not active Hibernate makes no attempt
> to check the provided JtaPlatform if there is a user transaction in
> process and blows up whenever trying to execute any changes to the db.
> In 3.x this worked fine since
> JTATransactionFactory->isTransactionInProgress always tried to find
> the configured transaction manager and checked the transaction status
> properly.  But in 4.x I'm not seeing how local status gets set to
> active to prevent a blow up unless I both call userTransaction.begin()
> AND session.beginTransaction()...  The same problems exist when
> interacting through the EntityManager API.
> Even in the ManagedDrivingTest it looks like it is assumed that the
> client will call session.beginTransaction() after either a CMT or BMT
> has been started.  I would cut over to using the Hibernate facade
> exclusively, but now it throws 'nested transactions not supported' if
> beginTransaction is invoked multiple times.  The Spring
> PlatformTransactionManager API deals with multiple layered invocations
> more gracefully, so I've mostly used that in the past for programmatic
> transaction management.  But regardless, looking at the source there
> seems to be a new requirement to always have
> session.beginTransaction() invoked in application code.
> I've spent days trying to figure out if I've made a configuration
> mistake, and at this point I'm at the conclusion that either Hibernate
> behavior in this area was intentionally changed, or that this is a
> bug.  If its a bug it would probably break a lot of apps upgrading
> from 3.x to 4.x that use programmatically controlled transactions.  So
> I thought I'd just reach out on the mailing list for clarification, or
> to have an obvious misconfiguration or misunderstanding corrected.
> For more info on my JTA config there is a forum post I made that is
> unrelated(realized my error on that topic) here:
> https://forum.hibernate.org/viewtopic.php?p=2454363
> Thanks,
> Zach

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