[hibernate-dev] [SEARCH] @Indexed on abstract classes

Guillaume Smet guillaume.smet at gmail.com
Sat May 12 05:12:39 EDT 2012

On Sat, May 12, 2012 at 10:51 AM, Emmanuel Bernard
<emmanuel at hibernate.org> wrote:
> That would go counter to the JPA design I think and to be honest, I like the idea of being able to not index a given branch of a class hierarchy.
> But more importantly, you would require Hibernate Search to scan for all subclasses in the classpath and I don't want to go anywhere near that.

Having struggled with the new Servlet 3 stuff allowing pure Java
configuration and having Tomcat scan the whole classpath at startup to
find the information, I can get your point as it adds between 10 and
20 seconds at each startup.

That said, I'm still not a big fan on maintaining at hand @Indexed
annotations on a branch with a lot of subclasses :).

> Scratch your own :) itch https://hibernate.onjira.com/browse/HSEARCH-703
> This is an issue that has been opened for a while but not addressed by like of motivated contributors. The solution is fairly simple at first sight.

Fair enough. I'll give it a try in the next few days.

Thanks for the pointer.


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