[hibernate-dev] Memory consumption

Andrej Golovnin golovnin at gmx.net
Sat May 12 09:50:33 EDT 2012

Hi Hardy,

> Right, in this case validation mode NONE is the determining factor. I would think you get the same result w/ Validator 4.2.0.

Nope, it was the Validator 4.3.0. 

>  application or as part of the container startup?
> And what exactly do you mean w/ Hibernate Validator gets loaded? Do you just see the ValidatorFactory or are there other instances from the org.hibernate.validator.

Right after startup of the application server I see instances from the
org.hibernate.validator package (see 
Some time later they are garbage collected. 
SerializableValidatorFactory remains in memory and consumes ca 256KB.

There is also either AuditConfiguration or AuditEntitiesConfiguration
(don't remember now) which consumes ca. 2.5MB.

As I already wrote we don't use Envers and we don't use Validator.
None of our classes has Validator related annotations
So why they are loaded at all? I have tried to exclude this modules
in jboss-deployment-structure.xml by adding following exclusions:

         <module name="org.hibernate.validator"/>
         <module name="org.hibernate.envers"/>

But it does not seem to work.

Best regards,
Andrej Golovnin

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