[hibernate-dev] Interceptor question

Hardy Ferentschik hardy at hibernate.org
Mon May 14 10:50:21 EDT 2012

On May 13, 2012, at 11:17 PM, Sanne Grinovero wrote:

> I agree as a user it's not simple to deal with two "massindex"
> approaches, even worse if they behave differently. Your
> straight-forward take on it is to make sure they behave the same, and
> I see some good value in it.. still we end up having two ways to
> achieve the same thing, which is *one too much*. Let's go one step
> further conceptually, and remove one (give me a second..).

As Emmanuel is saying, the index API is not only an (old) alternative to
the mass indexer. It stands in its own right.

> Proposal: after we clarify the fact that these methods go straight to
> the index without any interception (no doubt clarification is needed),
> we change the chapter describing the "old style indexing" from being
> one of the suggested methods for reindexing, to be "just an example"
> of the index method, and for example how it could be done to write
> your own MassIndexer - however some wiring would be needed, for
> example 1)the manual session clear and 2)apply indexing interceptors
> are concerns the user has to take care of.

I don't think that just cleaning up the documentation will be enough

> +0,8 to optionally (with a boolean) enable interception on those
> methods. I guess it might be handy, but I'm not fully convinced on
> their use and it's yet-another-method, we're getting a bit complex.
> At least it's better than always applying the interceptor as the
> missing method would make it clear that this wouldn't work on

An alternative to overloading these methods would be to add something like:

void FullTextSession#enableInterceptors(boolean)
boolean FullTextSession#areInterceptorsEnabled()

This way we can keep index(), purge() and purgeAll() intact and allow per full text 
session to change the behavior. IMO the default should be then to apply the interceptors.

Adding these methods (as would the overloading approach) remove the black magic taste
of the current approach.

> #purgeAll: as Emmanuel pointed out that's not going to fly.

Not sure why not


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