[hibernate-dev] Interceptor question

Hardy Ferentschik hardy at hibernate.org
Mon May 14 11:22:00 EDT 2012

>>> +0,8 to optionally (with a boolean) enable interception on those
>>> methods. I guess it might be handy, but I'm not fully convinced on
>>> their use and it's yet-another-method, we're getting a bit complex.
>>> At least it's better than always applying the interceptor as the
>>> missing method would make it clear that this wouldn't work on
>> An alternative to overloading these methods would be to add something like:
>> void FullTextSession#enableInterceptors(boolean)
>> boolean FullTextSession#areInterceptorsEnabled()
> That's a very cool idea. What about
> FullTextSession#enableIndexingInterceptors(boolean) ?

Sure, that's how it should be called in the end.
The thing I like about this solution is also that it is inline with how we do similar things
in (Fulltext)Session.

>>> #purgeAll: as Emmanuel pointed out that's not going to fly.
>> Not sure why not
> You might be right, if all what is indexed can always be nuked. Is
> that always the case? Remember the implementation uses a single delete
> statement on the index: all documents of class X are removed. It's
> hard to express the user defined filter in those terms, unless we
> extend the complexity of EntityIndexingInterceptor to rely on the user
> to define this case.

fair point


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