[hibernate-dev] Memory consumption

Eric Dalquist eric.dalquist at doit.wisc.edu
Thu May 17 00:35:59 EDT 2012

One option we use on our uPortal installs is to enable 

It requires a bit more CPU but we are generally memory bound and not CPU 
bound. The description reads "Use a byte[] for Strings which can be 
represented as pure ASCII. (Introduced in Java 6 Update 21 Performance 
Release)" for many applications, even those used in other locales, a 
majority of the strings just use the ascii charset which only needs 1 


I realize this isn't a general solution but might be interesting as a 
suggestion for people to look at if they are running into memory issues.


On 5/16/12 11:28 PM, Hardy Ferentschik wrote:
>> Its been proposed a number of times to instead generate just a single
>> loader for loading that number of items.  This would mean generating a
>> single SQL statement that has parameter holders for the full batch size
>> and then somehow "filling out" the empty slots when the number of things
>> to load is less that 16.  If this could be made workable across all
>> dialects, I personally think it would be the best approach as it
>> probably gets close to the start up sizings you claimed but would never
>> grow beyond that.
> +1 if it is possible it sounds like the best way of doing it
> --hardy
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