[hibernate-dev] [OGM] Hibernate version used in OGM

Pawel Kozlowski pkozlowski.opensource at gmail.com
Fri May 18 16:37:43 EDT 2012


I wonder if there are any plans to bump up Hibernate version used by
OGM to 4.1.x (from the 4.0.1) currently used?
I'm asking since - while playing with Neo4j integration - I'm bumping
into https://hibernate.onjira.com/browse/HHH-7147.

Of course the work-around is easy but it needs to be done in each and
every dialect (I can see the 'started' flag in Infinispan,
isCacheStarted in MongoDB while no-work-around in EhCache).

I don't know how much has changed from 4.0.1 till 4.1.2 so don't know
how hard / easy bumping up Hiernate's version would be...


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