[hibernate-dev] Hibernate OGM: organize JIRA issues in components?

Sanne Grinovero sanne at hibernate.org
Mon May 21 18:17:56 EDT 2012

Same feeling. tags are flexible and cool, but it's not easy to see all
options and this drawback discourages reuse. Also their usage seems
coupled to trends and temporary attempts to organize things in
different ways, looking at categorization from different angles.

In a case like this as it's easy to establish well defined categories
I'd prefer components; it's straight forward to classify unequivocally
as we even have different Maven modules for each supported NoSQL

On 21 May 2012 22:43, Steve Ebersole <steve at hibernate.org> wrote:
> Maybe this is what you mean by "flexible", but I hate that often people just
> create new labels (different capitalization, etc) rather than reusing
> existing ones.  That is my one gripe about them.
> On Mon 21 May 2012 04:41:51 PM CDT, Steve Ebersole wrote:
>> tags are great for categorizing too. I find myself using tags more
>> than components
>> On Mon 21 May 2012 04:27:41 PM CDT, Sanne Grinovero wrote:
>>> I'm tempted to create different components for each datastore, so we
>>> can easily classify them and search for areas:
>>> - ehcache
>>> - infinispan
>>> - mongodb
>>> - cassandra
>>> useful to understand the progress per area.. we can later add more
>>> components.
>>> Alternative, we could use labels.. but they are often too flexible,
>>> while in this case a single category is often a good fit.
>>> comments before I proceed?
>>> It's good for me to go through them, I just realized my mail filters
>>> were wiping out all changes I wasn't directly related with (unlike
>>> with Search) and I had no idea of some issues I'm seeing open now :-/
>>> Cheers,
>>> Sanne
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