[hibernate-dev] Hibernate Developer IRC meeting - 5/24

Steve Ebersole steve at hibernate.org
Thu May 24 10:49:20 EDT 2012

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Steve will create a new branch to start JPA 2.1 work.  This will help 
mitigate any potential time slips for 5.0 impacting our ability to 
deliver timely tech previews of JPA 2.1 features.  The intention is 
still to base JPA 2.1 support on 5.0.  But this gives us the flexibility 
to more easily deliver JPA 2.1 as Hibernate 4.2 if need be.  This new 
branch will become the integration target for the 5.0 work currently 
ongoing on the metamodel branch.  Still refrain from rebasing work from 
master into either branch or work from either branch into the other.

steve at hibernate.org

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