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Sanne Grinovero sanne at hibernate.org
Tue May 29 14:03:40 EDT 2012

Hi Christian,
I think the main reason has been the lack of interest, and the additional
difficulties such an integration would bring in terms of proper
testing and maintenance.

There are some performance and efficiency tricks we can take
advantage of, but I don't remember of many on the top of my head; I
guess one might have to live with a slower MassIndexer but that's
likely not a showstopper as long as such a decision would be optional.

There are also historical reasons: Hibernate Search was created before
JPA2, hence no criteria API was available at the time, while Hibernate
already had it.

Since the dependencies to Hibernate ORM are now isolated in a
single module I think it might be an interesting exercise to do if
you're interested in it, but I'm not sure if we can commit to actually
maintain integration tests with other implementations and willing tot
chase other implementors for bugfixes and other needed changes.

I'm not saying "no way", but there must be some better reason to do it
than the coolness of showcasing that it can be done;

so it all boils down to the tricky question:
why would anyone want to use a different implementation ? :P


On 29 May 2012 18:33, Christian Beikov <christian.beikov at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello!
> I just looked into the Hibernate Search source code and was wondering
> why you are using hibernates criteria API instead of JPA Criteria API? I
> haven't looked deeper but actually this is the reason why it can't be
> used with other JPA implementations, or are there any other dependencies
> to hibernate specifc code? From a performance perspective it is probably
> a bad idea to use JPA Criteria API, but if no really special
> dependencies to the hibernate core code are needed to make it working
> why not adapting it to JPA?
> I would like to help to make it usable with other JPA implementations(at
> least if it is possible)!
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