[hibernate-dev] Fwd: [jdf-dev] JBoss Modules dependency vs pain POM dependency + exclusions

Emmanuel Bernard emmanuel at hibernate.org
Thu Jun 6 11:49:37 EDT 2013

On Thu 2013-06-06 11:31, Scott Marlow wrote:
> If the static Hibernate Search module, depends on a static Hibernate
> ORM module in WildFly 8, I think that is fine, but applications
> wouldn't be able to include their own Hibernate Search jars (since
> the static Hibernate ORM module only sees services in the static
> Hibernate Search module).

That's one deployment and the one I did first (see my other email).

> For WildFly 8, do we want to allow applications to bundle its own
> version of Hibernate Search that could work with bundled Hibernate
> ORM jars?

It's a bit confusing to me this whole business but AFAIU but if we
could, yes that would be good.

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