[hibernate-dev] Gradle subproject dependency question

Brett Meyer brmeyer at redhat.com
Mon Jun 17 21:25:09 EDT 2013

Compiled as a prereq of the actual test task, but obviously after hibernate-osgi is built.

Brett Meyer
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You want it to be compiled before the classses it depends on?
 On Jun 17, 2013 5:31 PM, "Brett Meyer" <brmeyer at redhat.com> wrote:

> For OSGi testing, I have a new bundle underneath hibernate-osgi:
> hibernate-orm
>     build.gradle
>     settings.gradle
>     hibernate-osgi
>         hibernate-osgi.gradle
>         test-client-bundle
>             build.gradle
> test-client-bundle depends on an interface in hibernate-osgi's test
> sourceSet.  Originally, I was trying to avoid adding test-client-bundle to
> the root project & settings.gradle.  However, is there any other way for
> test-client-bundle to be 1.) built before hibernate-osgi:test and 2.)
> depend on hibernate-osgi test classes?  Is there a typical convention that
> I've overlooked?
> Brett Meyer
> Red Hat Software Engineer, Hibernate
> +1 260.349.5732

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