[hibernate-dev] Scanner contract

Ales Justin ales.justin at gmail.com
Sat Mar 16 21:29:54 EDT 2013

> I should point out this is based on what we saw when Brett initially worked with Karaf, especially in the Enterprise OSGi use cases.  The incoming PersistenceUnitInfo contained no urls other than the root url, which happened to be an osgi bundle url (the protocol was "bundle").  To me, interpreting all these goofy url schemes is best left to the environment that defines those schemes.  Not much unlike JBoss AS and its VFS-based urls.

Yeah, scanning and funky urls are always a problem.

Well, the funky urls are there for a reason -- we can discuss them over beer next time. :-)
And in most cases they don't represent a problem,
unfortunately resource scanning is not one of those cases.

But, imo, any decent framework should account for this,
if nothing else, for optimisation reasons.

e.g. I pushed a patch to DataNucleus, Spring, Drools, Facelets, ... just b/c of this

And Emmanuel and me are the culprits behind initial Scanner. :-)


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