[hibernate-dev] hiberate-commons-annotations and locating annotations

Steve Ebersole steve at hibernate.org
Wed Sep 4 00:08:16 EDT 2013

FYI, unless I hear otherwise: 

On Tue 03 Sep 2013 11:01:02 PM CDT, Steve Ebersole wrote:
> org.hibernate.annotations.common.reflection.XAnnotatedElement
> On Tue 03 Sep 2013 05:22:22 PM CDT, Steve Ebersole wrote:
>> After looking through this some more, I think what you say could
>> almost work.  But:
>> 1) Still need a way to determine the declarer of a property rather
>> than just blindly accepting XProperty.getAnnotation(Convert.class).
>> This is needed for the Super/Sub MappedSuperclass/Entity case in my
>> initial email to properly interpret Convert precedence.  Is the best
>> option here a change to hibernate-commons-annotations, and if so what
>> change specifically?  Adding `XClass XProperty#getDeclarer()`?
> As an alternative to `XClass XProperty#getDeclarer()` for this
> particular use case, I could also see having XAnnotatedElement (and
> therefore AnnotationReader) more closely mimic
> java.lang.reflect.AnnotatedElement in terms of exposed API.
> Especially, here, addition of a getDeclaredAnnotations() method (and
> I'd also argue for a getDeclaredAnnotation(Class<T> annotationType)
> method).

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