[hibernate-dev] hiberate-commons-annotations and locating annotations

Emmanuel Bernard emmanuel at hibernate.org
Wed Sep 4 02:27:21 EDT 2013

On Tue 2013-09-03 17:22, Steve Ebersole wrote:
> 2.a) It seems like there are times when
> org.hibernate.cfg.AbstractPropertyHolder#parent would be useful for
> what I need to do.  But there appears to be times when this is null.
> For entity mappings (ClassPropertyHolder) thats fine.  But for the
> others, that would be problematic.  Going back to the
> Person#homeAddress example, I'd really need the
> ComponentPropertyHolder for Person#homeAddress to register the
> converts with ClassPropertyHolder<Person> under the "homeAddress"
> base key ("homeAddress.city" for example).  Is there a time here
> where AbstractPropertyHolder#parent would be null for
> ComponentPropertyHolder/CollectionPropertyHolder?

I looked around the code base and the only case I could find is for
ClassPropertyHolder whose parent is indeed null.

> 2.b) Is this AbstractPropertyHolder#parent the best way you see to
> handle path-based converts?  Or do you see a better option?

Yes I still think it's the best aproach and frankly I don't quite see

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