[hibernate-dev] javax.persistence.Query#setLockMode and native (SQL) queries

Steve Ebersole steve at hibernate.org
Sun Sep 22 17:34:42 EDT 2013

The spec specifically says that javax.persistence.Query#setLockMode 
should throw an IllesgalStateException when called on a query that 
represents a native query.  Our implementation has not done that 
historically since we do have (to varying degrees) the ability to apply 
locking to the SQL.

However the 2.1 TCK is checking this and we are failing because we do 
not throw the IllesgalStateException :(

So I changed up our impl to throw the IllesgalStateException to pass the 
TCK.  I did add a new query hint to allow users who might be relying on 
this to keep on trucking.  So instead of:

     Query q = em.createNative( query );
     // this is what is illegal
     q.setLockMode( theLockMode );

users would need to do:

     Query q = em.createNative( query );
     q.setHint( QueryHints.NATIVE_LOCKMODE, theLockMode );

Just an FYI...

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