[hibernate-dev] LoadPlans, EntityGraphs, 4.3 and moving forward

Steve Ebersole steve at hibernate.org
Fri Sep 27 17:26:11 EDT 2013

At this point I think we are far enough along with LoadPlans and 
EntityGraph work to move that over to upstream master.  Given that the 
rest of the 2.1 TCK is in good shape I'd like to do that as soon as 
possible.  So I'd like to plan out how/when to get this moved over from 
my fork to upstream.  I have no problem doing the actual move if y'all 
would prefer, we all just need to agree on a time to do it.

At that point we also need to start breaking down the remaining work 
into granular chunks so all of us can pitch in and get 4.3 rolling. 
Gail, Strong, since y'all have been working on this lately can y'all 
give some thought to this and start breaking it down into tasks/chunks?

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