[hibernate-dev] GeneratedIdColumnHbmTests#testNativeId test fails with dialect supporting both IDENTITY and SEQUNCES

Thomas Jones-Low thomas.jones-low at foundationdb.com
Wed Mar 5 13:17:43 EST 2014

	I'm building a new dialect for the FoundationDB SQL layer. I've merged 
in the recent metamodel merge into my working branch and ran across this 
new failure.

	GeneratedIdColumnHbmTests#testNativeId() fails with an assertion error. 
This is caused by 
entityBinding.getPrimaryTable().getPrimaryKey().getColumns().get( 0 
).isIdentity() returns false, which is should return true.

	The only place the column.isIdentity() is set true is in 
1491). And this is based upon if the 
entityIdentifier.getIdentifierGenerator(), which in turn delegates to 
Dialect#getNativeIdentifierGeneratorClass(), returns an 

	The problem here is that a dialect can support IDENTITY column, but not 
use (or return) IdentityGenerator from the getNativeIdentifierClass().

	FoundationdDB SQL layer supports both IDENTITY and sequences, as does 
the PostgreSQLDialect.

	Is this a bug in Binder? that the test should be better formed to set 
the identity column.

	Is this a new limitation on Dialects, in that they can no longer 
correctly support both IDENTITY and sequences?

	What is the correct way to fix this problem?

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