[hibernate-dev] Participation in GSoC 2014

Dmitri Maksimov mcdimus at gmail.com
Thu Mar 6 10:50:11 EST 2014


I am writing this letter as I would like to participate in GSoC 2014
developing the following idea: "Bringing the goodness of Java 8 to
Hibernate Validator". I had a conversation with Gunnar Morling and he
suggested to write an introductory letter to this mailing list.

My name is Dmitri Maksimov. I am a Master's degree programme in Informatics
student at Tallinn University of Technology. Java is a primary programming
language in our university, thus I have learned/tried a lot of stuff from
Java itself (such as multithreading, reflection, custom classloaders etc.)
and some corresponding tools and frameworks (Spring, Hibernate etc.).

Currently I am employed as a Java developer and I am developing web-based
GUI using JavaEE 6, JSF + CDI (Weld implementation) for some SOAP service.
Input data validation is quite important for the GUI, so occasionally I
found out about JSR-303/JSR-349 and Hibernate Validator and I thinks it is

So, why am I applying for this idea?
I have a true interest, strong knowledge and some work experience in Java
I really would like to use the chance to gain real-world experience in
using new Java 8 features as well as get more experience with Java as
I like the idea and principles of JSR-303/JSR-349 and Hibernate Validator.

I will gladly answer any questions if necessary. And I look forward to hear
what you think.

Yours faithfully,
Dmitri Maksimov.

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