[hibernate-dev] ClassCastException with 2nd level cache not entirely gone?

Guillaume Smet guillaume.smet at hibernate.org
Fri Mar 7 05:52:59 EST 2014

Hi all,

We just hit the ClassCastException problem with 2nd level cache
reported by other people.

But... we're using *4.3.4.Final* so I'm not sure this issue has really
been fixed with 4.3.4.Final.

Typically, we have the following hierarchy:
    TechnicalUser (id = 1)
    AccountManager (id = 2)

entityManager.find(AccountManager.class, 1) returns the TechnicalUser
1 and not null if the 2nd level cache is enabled (and the object is in
the cache).

I'm pretty sure it's not the expected behavior.

Should I open a JIRA issue or do you prefer to reopen an existing
issue? I'm not entirely sure it's due to the same problem so I thought
I might as well ask here.

Thanks for your feedback.


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