[hibernate-dev] [AND] Search: changing the way we search

Emmanuel Bernard emmanuel at hibernate.org
Fri Mar 21 09:51:01 EDT 2014

On Thu 2014-03-20 18:50, Guillaume Smet wrote:
> On Thu, Mar 20, 2014 at 3:08 PM, Emmanuel Bernard
> <emmanuel at hibernate.org> wrote:
> > I tend to disagree with you. The SimpleQueryBuilder seems to disagree
> > with you too as SHOULD is the default. Care to give your arguments in
> > favor of a different value for the default?
> Well, IMHO, this feature is designed for a specific purpose and is not
> a general implementation. That's why I'm not considering me tied up by
> choices of general implementations.
> I think when a user is looking for "something precise", he wants
> results which satisfies his queries.

My problem is that when I look at that feature, it seems to me it is the
backend of the Google Search form input. And SHOULD is a better default.
The feature does not convey that you want "something precise". At least
not more than any other query.

Your use case AFAIUI is that you want results that do match for sure and
nothing else.

I'd love for us to massage the API to allow both ideas to be expressed
naturally and also keep the doors opened to a dismax approach with
shoulds but with at least n matches.

I have no idea to how to express that yet.

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