[hibernate-dev] ORM 3 JIRA tickets

Brett Meyer brmeyer at redhat.com
Mon Mar 31 15:09:19 EDT 2014

Recently, we've been trying to clean up ORM's JIRA tickets.  There are a lot of duplication, stale issues, etc.  One thought was pushing all ORM 3 tickets to the "Awaiting Test Case" state and requesting a reproducer on ORM 4 or 5.  They would then fall under our policy of automatically rejecting those tickets that did not receive a test case within 3 months or so.  This obviously would not include new features/improvements, anything assigned to someone, etc.

Here's an example filter that would be used:


project = HHH AND issuetype = Bug AND status in (Open, "In Progress", Reopened, "Awaiting Test Case") AND affectedVersion in ([all ORM 3 version]) AND affectedVersion not in ([all ORM 4/5 versions]) AND assignee in (EMPTY) AND reporter not in ([core contributors]) AND updated < -90d

That results in 716 tickets, providing a considerable dent.

I thought it would be important to solicit other opinions.  Any suggestions or alternate ideas?  Anything missing from the query that might make it too aggressive?

Brett Meyer
Red Hat, Hibernate ORM

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