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Emmanuel Bernard emmanuel at hibernate.org
Mon Feb 23 03:59:11 EST 2015

Hi Vicky,

I’m not sure what you are asking is super easy (nor that we are ready to commit an API to it) but I’ll let Steve comment.


PS your attachement has been removed, any chance you can host it somewhere on a webserver?

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> From: Vicky Thakor <vicky.thakor at javaquery.com>
> Date: 22 Feb 2015 19:23:24 CET
> Subject: Hibernate Assist Open Source Query Analysis Tool
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> Dear Hibernate Team,
> I'm Vicky Thakor from Gujarat, India. I'm working on Query Analysis tool called HibernateAssist. HibernateAssist helps developer to understand how query executed at database level and what could be done to improve the query performance. 
> What have been done so far?
> Thats good question. Using Hibernate built-in methods I extracted Query from Criteria and used that query to get execution plan from Microsoft SQL Server. 
> Now I parse that XML and generate HTML report with same graphical representation that Microsoft SQL Server generates. All node contains basic information like Index Scanned, Index Seek, Predicate, Estimated I/O, CPU Cost, etc...
> I've attached sample HTML report with this email please take a look at that.
> What I require from you?
> As I said Hibernate built-in methods allows to extract Query from Criteria only. I want query generated by saveOrUpdate(Object) and delete(Object) so I can use that query to get Execution Plan from Microsoft SQL Server. If you guys can make this possible for developer like me than it'd be great help. 
> Hibernate Assist
> Hibernate Assist, is an open source query analysis tool so I'm not making money out of it. I just wanna help developers to understand the query execution at database level.
> Useful links
> I'm also a part time blogger and write articles on Programming Languages here you can find about me...
> Blog: www.javaquery.com <http://www.javaquery.com/>
> HIbernateAssist: http://www.javaquery.com/p/hibernateassist.html <http://www.javaquery.com/p/hibernateassist.html>
> HibernateAssist GitHub: http://github.com/javaquery/HibernateAssist <http://github.com/javaquery/HibernateAssist>
> -- 
> Regards,
> Vicky

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