[hibernate-dev] Lucene-suggest

Marc Schipperheyn m.schipperheyn at gmail.com
Mon Feb 23 16:28:45 EST 2015

Lucene 4.x offers some interesting new functionality with regards to
autosuggest and google style suggestions.

As part of this functionality, as I understand it, the suggester builds a
separate index based on the available data with a specific .build()

I'm assuming that this separate index would not be automatically updated
when an index record is created through HSEARCH and I'm wondering what
would be the best way to go about this.

Any suggestions? It would seem that the build step should be executed
through a FullTextEventListener (not sure how to sue that these days). But
obviously during a MassIndexer operation, you would only want to execute
after the entire process completes.


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