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Emmanuel Bernard emmanuel at hibernate.org
Wed Feb 25 11:13:03 EST 2015

Running a test for any of the datastore (except HashMap) is a pain.
Hardy's approach does not solve the one test problem as it runs all of the TCK,
which can be done with mvn install.

The workarounds are:

- copy the tests
- use your IDE to set the different module classpath but that also means
  that when you change the code of the test, you need to run mvn install
  for that to be taken into account (at least in IDEA and on my machine.

At least when you improve core, you can run the tests normally.
If you externalize the tests, even that situation will be a pain.

No way.

On Wed 2015-02-25 16:47, Hardy Ferentschik wrote:
> > > A dedicated module means less surprises and less understanding needed to
> > > see how
> > > things get together.
> > >
> > 
> > Hm, but test JARs have been an exception to that "rule" in Maven for a long
> > time. So no-one should really be surprised by using that concept.
> Hmm, not sure. 
> > > Also, having a dedicated module allows for adding an additional README
> > > which for
> > > example described the purpose of these tests, how they are executed and
> > > that they
> > > are used by each dialect.
> > >
> > 
> > Would it help if we add a note to the main readme.md, or maybe
> > package-info.java in the TCK package? Personally I prefer to have all
> > build-related info in one readme rather than scattered over several places.
> But that's partly my point. Your solutions require me to read something,
> whereas a dedicated module is almost self explaining.
> > It's not that I'm not against that move per se, I only have doubts whether
> > there is much benefit to it.
> IMO yes
> > My main concern still is whether that move would complicate running tests
> > in core itself? Today I can click and run the TCK tests in core in the IDE
> > without any further preparation. If that'd get more difficult, I'd vote
> > against that split.
> Well, with the helper I am suggesting it is still a single click :-)
> --Hardy

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