[hibernate-dev] Slot name for modules of Hibernate OGM

Sanne Grinovero sanne at hibernate.org
Fri Jan 9 05:26:57 EST 2015

On 9 January 2015 at 09:56, Gunnar Morling <gunnar at hibernate.org> wrote:
> 2015-01-08 23:21 GMT+01:00 Sanne Grinovero <sanne at hibernate.org>:
>> I just noticed that the main module for Hibernate OGM has slot="ogm",
>> while the various dialect extension modules use the "main" slot.

Good point. So let's use "org.hibernate.ogm" slot="4.1.1." for the next release,
and optionally add an alias as well to overwrite slot "4.1".

> I think this stems from the fact that we just use "org.hibernate" as module
> name which conflicts with the ORM module. I'd like to use
> "org.hibernate.ogm" instead, because OGM is no special version of ORM (as
> indicated by the current name/slot) but a separate project.
> Any change to this needs to be synched with Scott / JipiJapa because IIRC
> there is some code relying on this very name / slot.
>> My understanding is that "main" should be reserved for the version
>> included in a specific application server version, so we'd better
>> avoid it to make it possible to eventually include OGM in WildFly and
>> still be able to differentiate versions.
> Yes, should OGM ever be part of WF, it'd be nice to be able to control
> whether bringing in a new OGM version just is added (and referable via its
> specific slot value) or whether its supposed to update whatever "main" is at
> this point. I can see both being useful.
>> The "ogm" slot also doesn't make it possible to use multiple versions,
>> which is ok now that there's a single release but won't be
>> sustainable.
>> Could we use the same label for all modules in a specific release, and
>> encode version in it too?
>> I propose using "ogm-{Major.Minor.Micro}".
>> Using the ".Micro" postfix might seem overzealous as micro versions
>> are supposed to be drop-in compatible but I'd rather be safe and be
>> able to be explicit; we could in addition provide an alias like we do
>> with Hibernate Search and Infinispan; this seems to be working quite
>> well so far.
>> Such an alias deploys a module which defines for say "ogm-4.1" should
>> look for "ogm-4.1.1": then applications can generally refer to
>> "ogm-4.1" and let the alias resolve it, or be more explicit if they
>> like so.
> The aliasing is a nice idea.
>> Sanne
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