[hibernate-dev] [Hibernate Search] Donating some of our source code to Infinispan

Hardy Ferentschik hardy at hibernate.org
Mon Jan 26 04:45:13 EST 2015


Sounds like a reasonable plan. I am just wondering what happened with the idea
of creating a standalone repository for the Infinispan Lucene Directory
(I guess that implies moving things from Inifinispan and Search into a new repo)?
I think this was our most favoured plan until now. IMO this has even more 
flexibility as the move to Infinispan. 

Also it should be in the interest of Infinispan as well to split things out,
given how many modules they already have. I think smaller independent "projects"
is more favourable than this huge monolithic multi-module setups. It also
comes with additional flexibility when it comes to releasing.

In case we co ahead with moving the code to Infinispan:

>  A) Should the Maven group id be changed? I'd expect it to be
> transferred to "org.infinispan" group at least, and probably need a
> better artifact id too.

+1 At least group id needs top change. 

>  B) License. Our code is LGPL, most of Infinispan is ASL - but not all
> of it. So I expect it would be possible to keep the existing license
> at least for now, and defer eventual license changes as a separate
> step (if people feel need for any change at all).

Would it not be easier to change to ASL?

>  C) Documentation. Besides the needed updates in Maven coordinates /
> download sources, I don't expect much of a difference: we'd still
> explain how to set this integration up.


> I think we should drop these from our distribution 


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