[hibernate-dev] Search 5 migration pains: MultiFieldQueryParser and Numeric Fields

Sanne Grinovero sanne at hibernate.org
Mon Jan 26 08:21:20 EST 2015

As reported on SO [1], it's not a straight forward migration for those
who embraced the convenience of using a MultiFieldQueryParser, or one
of the other Lucene provided parsers.

In the specific example, I think the right answer would be to use the
programmatic API or our DSL.. but let's consider the use case in which
you want to parse user input, from a text input in your application?

Using the parser is quite convenient in such a case, as people can
express boolean operators and field names, while keeping the UI very

Wouldn't it be nice to have a custom "parser" in our DSL, which
essentially mimicks the functionality of the MultiFieldQueryParser but
takes advantage of our indexing metadata - like we do for the HQL


1 - http://stackoverflow.com/questions/28138308/hibernate-search-5-0-numeric-lucene-query-hsearch000233-issue

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