[hibernate-dev] Some migration pains HSearch 5

Marc Schipperheyn m.schipperheyn at gmail.com
Thu Jan 29 14:27:11 EST 2015

So, I've started migrating our production environment to HSearch 5 at long

Some of the initial pains that may warrant some documentation love:

* @IndexedEmbedded basically inverts the default because before HSearch 5,
the default was essentially: @IndexedEmbedded(includeEmbeddedObjectId=true),
whereas now it's essentially: @IndexedEmbedded(includeEmbeddedObjectId=false).
Inverting defaults seems like a dangerous upgrade choice to me.

* I use a lot of indexedEmbedded(includePaths="id")  style includes.

public class MyClass{

@GeneratedValue(strategy = GenerationType.AUTO)
@Column(name="userId", nullable=false, insertable=false, updatable=false)
public Long getId() {
   return id;


I always queried these as follows:


where the Long would implicitly converted to a String. and the term query
would be


Now, it becomes a NumericRangeQuery based on the fact that I'm passing a
Long. But DocumentIds apparently are still strings by default. And this
query will fail to deliver results.

It makes most sense to me to convert DocumentId to NumericFields and adding
@NumericField to it seems to fix it, but I'm not sure if this could create
problems in other areas since this is the documentId. Anyway, this is

* The way to access a MutableSearchFactory has changed and is not
documented. This is more of an edge case

That's it for now.



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