[hibernate-dev] Master

Steve Ebersole steve at hibernate.org
Tue Mar 10 18:17:31 EDT 2015

I wanted to given everyone a heads up that I just pushed the work I have
been doing up to master.  It is alot.  It covers most of what was planned
as required for 5.0.  The only outstanding item from that initial work is
to integrate the changes into Envers, but I was still waiting to hear back
from Adam and Lukasz about some design questions before proceeding with

The main work involved:
1) breaking up Configuration into the bootstrap APIs we have been
discussing.  Configuration is still around and works as a mechanism to
build SessionFactory as long as that is all you do.
2) split naming strategy into implicit and explicit contracts.
3) switch from using dom4j to process hbm.xml files to JAXB+StAX

This release I started keeping a working list of changes, ideas, todos, and
things-to-discuss in the repo as working-5.0-migration-guide.md[2].  I will
base the Migration Guide for 5.0 on the top list here, so if you run into
anything that is not covered there and you think should be, let me know.
As for the "TODOs" and "Proposals for discussion" lists, take a look and
let me know if you have any thoughts.

[1] At the moment, this means that the top-level build will not run in its
entirety.  It will break as soon as it gets to Envers.

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