[hibernate-dev] SessionFactory building APIs

Steve Ebersole steve at hibernate.org
Sat Mar 21 14:09:41 EDT 2015

I had not heard anything back in regards to this, so I wanted to ask one
more time before I get ready to start cutting 5.0 pre-releases in a week or

I'd love to heard feedback of any kind about the new APIs, but specific
things I know I personally question:

1) What do you think of the split in MetadataSources and MetadataBuilder?
Does the aplit make sense?  Or does it make more sense to combine them into
one contract?

2) What do you think of all the overloaded methods named #with tacking
different argument types, versus distinctly named methods?  E.g.
MetadataBuilder#with(PhysicalNamingStrategy), etc rather than

Also, I am not so sure about the term "with" anymore.  I had chosen that at
the time because I thought it flowed nicely with method chaining.

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