[hibernate-dev] ORM Team "triage" meeting

Steve Ebersole steve at hibernate.org
Sat Mar 21 17:08:51 EDT 2015

Gail and I discussed Jira a little bit last week and how to best manage
scheduling issues.

We both agreed that a team get together, either weekly or every-other-week,
to discuss new issues to triage them would be a great idea.

One thing I absolutely do not want happening is just scheduling issues as a
means to come back and triage them later.  Scheduling an issue, on a "real
version" anyway, should mean something.  It should mean some level of
dedication to finish that task for that release.  In short, unless you are
volunteering to take on a task *yourself* for that release, please do not
schedule it for that release.

As for the triage meeting, I would definitely like Gail and Andrea
involved.  Of course anyone is welcome.  The reason I mention this is that
Gail is usually left on early side of scheduling these.  So we will find a
time that works best for us 3 and go from there.  I recommend that we
leverage HipChat for these discussion.

Andrea is coming to Austin for a few days starting Monday, so I would like
to start this triaging while he is here.  Gail, I am thinking 1pm my time
(11am yours) would be a good time.  Andrea, does that work for you after

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