[hibernate-dev] Date/Time Support and timezones

Hardy Ferentschik hardy at hibernate.org
Mon Mar 23 17:01:10 EDT 2015

> A few options:
> 1) Forego OffsetDateTime, OffsetTime and ZonedDateTime support and just
> stick with LocalDateTime, LocalDate and LocalTime.
> 2) Use the timezone/offset to pass along to the driver (for proper
> conversion); when reading back we'd have to read back based on the default
> timezone.  This is essentially the old strategy used in CalendarType which
> I never really liked because its not reflexive.
> 3) Break them into a tuple of the store each piece.  E.g., for
> OffsetDateTime the Tuple is a LocalDateTime (the Timestamp) and a TZ
> offset.  So we'd store each individually in the database and be able to
> rebuild them in a fully reflexive manner.
> 4) Handle them using UTC or GMT at the JDBC level.  This is essentially the
> same as (2)

Personally, I think I'd prefer #3. I am not sure whether all users would be happy
with two columns for a OffsetDateTime. Could we support multiple options, for example 
#3 and #4 and make it configurable?

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