[hibernate-dev] SessionFactory building APIs

Steve Ebersole steve at hibernate.org
Thu Mar 26 00:31:47 EDT 2015

>> * Are MetadataSources#addAttributeConverter(),
>> addAuxiliaryDatabaseObject() and addSqlFunction() adding a *source* for
>> meta-data really? Somehow it seems they should rather be located on
>> MetadataBuilder?
> From one perspective yes.  Not *sources* per-se, but they are things that
> the user supplies that become part of the Metadata; as opposed to simply
> options that are used during the process of building a Metadata
> (MetadataBuilder).  And especially since you want to rename "sources" to
> "building context"; imo that makes the argument that these belong here even
> stronger.

I went back and investigated these.  I had added them there more out of
convenience to continue to support Configuration.  But I think you are
right, they do not belong there.  So these are now moved to MetadataBuilder

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